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Tarot & Oracle - First Edition


  • Image of Tarot & Oracle - First Edition
  • Image of Tarot & Oracle - First Edition
  • Image of Tarot & Oracle - First Edition
  • Image of Tarot & Oracle - First Edition
  • Image of Tarot & Oracle - First Edition

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First Edition of The Mike Willcox Tarot & Oracle.
Written and Illustrated by Mike Willcox.

Thick 350gsm cardstock - Linen Texture - custom sized 3.25" x 5" Cards

56 Card Deck comprised of:
22 Major Arcana
22 Oracle Cards
12 Zodiac Cards

Clothbound Gold-stamped Hardcover Book with Card Descriptions, How To's, and chapters on Symbolism and Personal Meaning.

(Only the First Edition of this will be with a Hardcover Book)

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Comes as a boxed set.


Each card comes with Energetic Meanings, Fortunes, Mantras, and Reflections.

The Major Arcana were created in tune with the archetypal energies they embody, yet still familiar enough to be read traditionally if you desire.

The Oracle cards were created from metaphorical reflections of natural phenomenon, and psychological concepts.

The Zodiac descriptions have been thoughtfully created based on the archetypal energy of the sign's Greek Origin stories and intentionally created to contain only positive aspects.

The cards are intended to create a venue for self-reflection, to help us grow, to understand our relationship with ourselves, others, and the world, and to ultimately support us on the path of becoming the highest versions of ourselves. The writing contain an emphasis on dreams, goals, balance, and emotional well-being.


Mike has been an avid student of history, psychology, symbolism, and esoterica for over two decades. This work is rooted in recurring ancient themes that relate to the human psyche and our personal spiritual journey. In this, he has created a framework to view symbolism, color, and energy coherently.

Every single aspect of this body of work was done with love, deep intentional reflection, and historical consideration, in connection with source energy and the Universe.

If you are ready for some deep Spiritual Alchemy, this one is for you.